About Newage

Newage Cables (Private) Limited is the largest cable manufacturer of Pakistan and the 1st in its category to be accredited with ISO 9000 certification. Newage was established in 1956 by Mr. Mir Muhammad Azam with the vision of self reliance of a nascent nation and commitment to contribute country’s development by supplying high quality indigenous products to the electrical and industrial infrastructure at competitive rates

Our Products

House Wiring​

These are single and multicore insulated wires in copper conductors.

Low Voltage Cables​

These cables are available in single and multicore, armoured with galvanized

Medium Voltage Cables​

cables are manufactured with both copper & aluminium conductors

Powering Pakistan Since 1956

Newage aspires to become world leader in its business portfolios by innovative design & engineering, quality manufacturing with excellent servicing, and accordingly exceeding customer expectations.

Corporate Sector